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Avoiding Easily Preventable Kitchen Fires

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avoiding Easily Preventable Kitchen Fires Be vigilant in the kitchen - house fires normally start in this room!

During cold days, families stay indoors. With the holidays soon upon us, more meals are being prepared in our kitchens. With that in mind, most home fires start in the kitchen. In recent years, the number of home fires has increased, and most kitchen fires happen during the holidays. Many people are distracted when they are cooking their holiday meals, and in most instances, fire damage can be prevented.

Check the Appliances

Keep all kitchen appliances in excellent condition. Inspect the electrical cords, and if any of the appliances have a short, take the device to an appliance repair professional.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Clutter in the kitchen can start a fire. Because of this, always store food in the pantry. Do not store grease near the stove. When you finish cooking a meal, wipe the stove, counters and the microwave.

Unplug Electrical Appliances

Kitchen appliances use electricity even when they are unplugged. These appliances can malfunction while they are in idle mode. If the appliances are not clean, the food debris can start a fire. Always unplug appliances such as the coffee maker and the toaster when not in use.

Turn the Stove Off

Never leave the kitchen when there is food on the stove. If the phone rings in another room, turn the stove off before taking the call. Do not put metal dishes in the microwave.

Keep Safety Equipment Nearby

A kitchen should have several safety items. A fire extinguisher should be near the stove. A wet chemical extinguisher can put out grease fires. In addition to a fire extinguisher, all homes should have a fire blanket in the kitchen. Check the smoke detectors on a monthly basis. Change the batteries every few months.

Keep cloth towels and paper towels away from the stove. Also, keep curtains and furniture away from the stove. A kitchen is a dangerous place for kids. Your kitchen should not be a play area. One slip can have disastrous consequences. Be firm with your children when you let them know that the kitchen is off-limits. If a fire damages your kitchen, SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County can handle the fire restoration services.

Tips to Keep Your Rug in Great Condition

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

General Tips to Keep Your Rug in Great Condition We can keep your rug in great shape no matter who likes to rest on it!

If you’re looking for a great way to improve the appearance of your home, covering your floor with an area rug can be just the thing. But without proper care, your rugs can develop stains and blemishes from improper upkeep. Frequent carpet cleaning is a  crucial part of home maintenance. Below are our top recommended tips to keep the rugs in your home in great condition.

  1. Regularly Clean Them

You should be vacuuming the rugs in your home at least three times a week to keep them dirt and stain free. Also, you should make sure no one is walking on your rugs with dirty shoes on. Ask guests to take off their shoes or put down a doormat. This way, you can limit your need to vacuum your rug and save on your electric bill.

  1. Keep Your Pets Away From Them

Your pets can be a direct threat to the condition of your rugs, especially if you have a puppy that isn’t bathroom trained. They’re bound to make an accident or two on your rugs. As soon as you see a spill or stain, clean it up right away with a strong rug cleaning solution. At the same time, you should also avoid creating further spills with other liquids, such as wine and juice.

  1. Put A Protectant on the Rug

To increase the life of your rug, applying a protectant is one of the best things you can do. The protectant acts as a sealant and prevents stains from seeping deeper into the rug. This can protect your carpet from almost any sort of harm. There are many different types of protectant sprays on the market. This is why you should contact a professional to help you choose the right kind.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

If a rug is exposed to sunlight for an extended period, the color can begin to fade. You can prevent sun damage by moving your rug away from windows. If you cannot move your rug, rotate it every so often to prevent the sun from completely ruining your carpet.

  1. Call a Professional

For those really dirty rugs, you may be better off calling a professional. A professional carpet cleaning from a company like SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County to bring your old rug back to its former glory.

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preparing Your Roof for Winter Make sure your roof is safe and sound this winter!

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

One of the most basic survival needs is having a proper roof over our heads, otherwise, we would have to tolerate harsh weather elements. Canadian winters, in particular, are damaging. Taking time to prepare it in advance will not only save you some money in the spring but also gives you confidence knowing that your roofing is intact. There are four main things to focus on while preparing for winter. Here are the most important winter home maintenance tasks one shouldn’t avoid.

Check for damages and deterioration

One of the most important preparations for winter is checking the rooftop of your home each fall. This is the best way to guarantee that everything is in good shape before winter arrives. An easier way to get an idea if there are leaks is to check for water spot on the ceiling. However, the best way is to assess from the rooftop. While this might not be a difficult activity, you shouldn’t do it yourself because of safety reasons. Call for a professional inspection. Qualified technicians will assess the status of the rooftop. If it is in bad shape, the accumulation of ice and snow during winter could add extra weight which could collapse it.

Clean the gutters

To avoid rainwater overflowing the gutters during winter, it is important to clear them during the fall. The debris and leaves might collect in your gutter system such that it creates a clog. The added weight occasioned by the water and wet leaves could also weaken the gutter on the anchor points. One of the best ways to counter this is to install gutter screens ahead of the fall to reduce chances of accumulation of debris.

Clear the decks

Before winter, it is also important to clean the entire roofing. Remove debris from the gutters and also clean up the surface. This is important because neglecting even the smallest debris could hold moisture which could cause mold thus causing damage to the roofing material.

Insulations and ventilation

A simple way to reduce cases of leaks as well as reducing the energy costs during winter is to have adequate airflow in the attic. It is good to have vents at the soffits, gables, and ridges to release hot air. Part of an inspection involves looking into the insulation to ensure necessary modifications are carried out on time.

If water damage does affect your roof, SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County is ready to help!

Do Away With Persistent Smoke Odors

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Do Away With Persistent Smoke Odors Don't let lingering smoke drive business away!

Smoke is not a pleasant smell. It's also far from a healthy one. If you have lingering smells anywhere on your property, you don't have to suffer in silence. It's never a good idea to tolerate strong and aggressive smells. It's never wise to allow the other people in your life to have to deal with them, either. Who wants to deal with coughing and holding their nose all day long? If you are searching for high-quality odor removal services anywhere in the area, we're here to tell you that it's your lucky day. Our full-service company is able to do away with all strong and lasting smells.

We Get Rid of Strong Smells the Safe Way

Our technicians are professionals who understand the importance of high-quality odor extraction practices. They use state of the art tools and equipment to rid homes of lingering smells. If you want the air in your living space to smell and feel fresh, clean and pure again, you can count on our expertise. Our team members have been doing away with smells of all kinds for many years and counting. If your home has recently been subject to a fire or any other kind of disaster, you can count on us to rectify the situation. We can help bring your living space back to life.

Reach Out to SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County As Soon As Possible

Strong smells can make your daily life seem impossible. They're more than annoying, too. That's because they're also detrimental to your health and wellness. If you want to get rid of intense smoke odors on your property, there's no better company choice in the area than SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County. We're a local franchise that does more than manage lasting and frustrating smells as well. We also offer all kinds of high-quality cleaning services. Are you looking for restoration or cleaning help? We can help you manage water damage, fire damage to your business or home. Phone SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County without hesitation for more information about our service options. Schedule an appointment today.

What to Do if You Find Mold in Your Home

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What to Do if You Find Mold in Your Home Don't let mold rule your home! We can take care of any size problem!

Mold infestation is a nightmare as a homeowner. Apart from giving off an unpleasant odor, the fungus will damage your property and pose serious health hazards. This is why the problem should be checked and corrected before it becomes worse. Here is what you can do once you find this growth in your home.

Eliminate moisture

If you are looking to eliminate the growth in your home, you will need to understand the conditions under which the fungus grows. Mold will flourish in warm and humid areas. That is why remediation involves eliminating moisture in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. While an air conditioner will help to keep the air in your home cool and dry, a dehumidifier will reduce humidity and help to eliminate the fungus.

Cut out large infestations

As soon as you notice mold growth in your home, take the necessary measures to limit its opportunities to spread. Inspect most of the unseen areas in your homes to prevent it from spreading to your carpet and drywall. This will go a long way in helping to prevent the problem from becoming worse and protecting your property from damage.

Use cleaning solutions

There are several natural cleaning solutions that you can use to deal with this fungus in your home. Some of the affordable options you should consider using include baking soda, ammonia, borax, vinegar, and bleach. While using these products, you must ensure that they are in the right quantities and are applied correctly.

Read about the mold removal process

Since it may be difficult to know what to do once you find the fungus in your space, you will need to familiarize yourself with the removal process. By being aware of what the process entails, you will be in a better position to prepare for remediation.

Hire professionals

If you have difficulty dealing with the problem, you should hire professionals. However, it will be important to do your homework so that you settle on a reputable company. Experts from SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County not only have the necessary expertise but will also use effective techniques to help you eliminate the fungus.

Prevent Fires in Your Home

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Prevent Fires in Your Home Don't let fire become an issue for your home!

Constructing or buying a new home is not only a significant milestone but also an exciting experience. However, the huge investment that goes into acquiring your home makes it necessary to ensure that your property is secured. Accidental fires are a serious threat to you and your family and could result in the wanton destruction of property. While it is important to have homeowners insurance, you will also need to learn how to prevent such fires.

Have your heating system serviced

Heating is one of the most common causes of home fires. This is why you must ensure that your unit is serviced. Hiring a professional to do the job will give you the assurance that all defects have been identified and repaired. In the long run, regular servicing and repairs will help you to avoid unnecessary fire damage.

Practice kitchen safety

It is important to concentrate on the kitchen since the room could be the biggest fire hazard. Whenever you are cooking, you should limit other activities that could divide your attention. Since fire can start in a matter of seconds, you should use a reliable timer, check food and avoid leaving the stove unattended.

Store flammables

Apart from preventing fires in your home, you should also put in place measures to ensure that they do not spread in the event that they start. Flammables should not only be stored in the right places but also held in proper containers. Any materials that have come in contact with flammables should be disposed of a safe distance away from heat sources.

Install smoke alarms

Even after taking these steps, there is still a possibility that fires will start. This is why you should install smoke detectors in your home. By installing the devices in various rooms, you will have enough time to get in touch with the relevant emergency services when there is a fire.

Teach your family fire safety

The cost and inconvenience associated with restoration after a fire can be huge. One of the preventative measures you can take is to ensure that your family understands the importance of fire safety. Make sure that everyone knows the steps to take to prevent home fires.

Whenever you need professional fire restoration services, you should hire a reliable company. If you wish to learn more about these services, kindly reach out to SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County. Our staff will be happy to serve you.

Enjoy a Fresh and Clean Home for the Fall and Beyond

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Enjoy a Fresh and Clean Home for the Fall and Beyond It's a great time of year to refresh your home for the new season!

The fall months make a wonderful opportunity for change. So many things seem different by the time the autumn rolls around each year. Children everywhere begin new school years. People all over are getting ready for the holiday season. There's no doubt that the fall is a great reason to make some positive changes in your life. Your home is a great place to begin that change! It can be frustrating and unpleasant to live in a house that's dirty or uncomfortable in any way. Awful and persistent smells can make any residential property unbearable. Many things can make homes smell bad, too. Insufficient ventilation can lead to awful odors. Pet accidents can bring on terrible smells. Smoke can as well. If you're tired of living in a home that smells less than clean and fresh, you can take action. That doesn't mean that you should attempt to deodorize your living space all by yourself. Deodorization is a process that requires an experienced professional touch.

The Boons of Professional Odor Removal Service

Unpleasant odors aren't only annoying. They can sometimes be dangerous, too. It's never a good thing to breathe in smoky air. Stubborn smells can make people more prone to splitting headaches and dizziness. If you want to feel good about the odor removal process, you need to recruit a reputable local company that specializes in deodorization. Trained and qualified technicians are well-versed in all the most efficient and effective odor extraction techniques and practices. They also know how to use the finest and most reliable odor extraction tools and products. If you want to rid your home of unwelcome odors the safe and smart way, nothing can top professional help. Professional removal service can also be good for your schedule. Doing away with odors can eat up a substantial amount of your time. It's not the easiest task in the world.

Make an Appointment With SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County

If you want to begin the fall feeling happy and confident, nothing can beat living in a home that smells clean and healthy. Reach out to SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County as soon as possible to learn more about all our in-depth odor removal and deodorization services. Our technicians are hard-working odor management powerhouses who aim to please. Contact our firm as soon as possible to book our service.

Surprising Places You May Find Mold

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Surprising Places You May Find Mold Do you know where mold may be hiding in your home?

If you've ever dealt with mold in the house, you likely know how unsettling it is. Regardless of your experience with mold, you may think that it lurks only in certain places. However, mold of different types, including the dangerous black mold, can surprise you.

Coffee Machine

Every morning, you might pour water into your coffee machine as you eagerly await that cup of energy. While the water does find its way into the coffee cup, that doesn't mean the entire inside of the machine is dry. Mold can grow there, and this mold can enter into your morning beverage.

Kiddie Pool

During the summer months, the kids may love to take the hose and fill up the plastic pool in the backyard. The water keeps them refreshed and entertained for a significant period of time. However, you might skip over drying off the pool and find yourself in need of mold remediation services to combat it.

Bathroom Cabinets

Plenty of people have seen mold coming to life in the corners of their bathrooms, but the cabinets can also act as major spots for this existence. The mold may start to grow on or inside of the cabinets, requiring a call to SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County.


Reaching inside of the fridge and grabbing some old food that has become covered in mold is an unpleasant experience. As much as you wipe down the fridge, you might have accidentally dropped some crumbs or pieces of food in the back of it at one point. Unless you are reaching back into the depths of the fridge on a regular basis, these crevices may have become dwellings for mold.

Water Bottles

Grabbing your water bottle before heading to work or school is a way to make sure you are hydrated, but you probably don't get every last drop of water out of it. Ensuring that the bottle is properly cleaned before your next usage is one way to make certain that you are not ingesting mold in a bid for proper hydration.

Mold can lurk in many places inside and outside of your home. Working with the professionals is a smart way to determine if you have mold living on your property and to figure out where that mold is coming from. By treating the source, SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County can help to ensure that the mold is away from you for good.

Fall Cleaning Ideas

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Fall Cleaning Ideas Keep your home looking its best all year round.

We all know about spring cleaning, but performing all of your major cleanup tasks during one season isn't enough to keep your home looking its best. As fall rolls around each year, homeowners have the perfect chance to give their houses a thorough clean. Fall is the perfect time to do this, since it ushers in important holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you implement these fall cleanup ideas, your house will look great as you prepare to entertain and enjoy the upcoming season.

Make It a Family Event

It's been said that many hands make light work, and that is certainly true when it comes to getting your house in shape. When you enlist the whole family, your load will be lighter, and everything can get done more quickly. Dividing and conquering is a great strategy for major fall cleanings. Hand out assignments, and be sure to think of a reward that the family can enjoy together, such as a trip to the ice cream job or an amusement park day, when the list is complete.

Start Outside

You likely do not spend as much time outdoors during the harsher winter months, so fall is the perfect time to tackle those outdoor projects. Take the time to slowly walk around your home and yard, and take careful note of anything that needs fixing. Clean out your gutters, clean off your outdoor furniture and get it ready for storage, and drain your garden hose. You can also maximize your home's energy efficiency by checking the caulking and weather stripping around all of your doors and windows. If you see areas that need repair, be sure that you complete these home maintenance jobs before the coldest months of the year arrive.

Enlist Professional Help

As you are making your list of things to do, remember that some jobs are better handled by the professionals. If your rugs and carpets have seen better days, don't spend hours trying to tackle every stain. Instead, contact SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County to schedule professional carpet and/or upholstery cleaning. Our pros have the equipment and solutions necessary to handle even the toughest stains, so you can enjoy the look of freshly cleaned carpeting without having to spend all of your time scrubbing stains. You might be surprised to find out how much clean couches and carpets can freshen up a room to make your fall cleaning project a success!

Restoring Your Documents After A Fire

9/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Your Documents After A Fire What should you do if your important documents get burned?

Fires are devastating in many ways, and they can destroy valuable items in your home. You may worry about important documents, such as birth certificates and social security cards. Knowing some important about document restoration can help you to restore these items in the event of a fire.

Take Precautions

Taking precautionary measures can better prepare your valuable items for document restoration. For example, you could store them in a fireproof box. In the event that they experience some damage, possibly because of a hole in the box, restoring them would likely be more of a possibility. You should also keep them together so that you don't waste valuable time trying to locate them after a fire.

Call Early

If you wait too long to call SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County, you may discover that it is too late to perform full fire restoration services when it comes to your documents. Recovering from a fire is often tremendously difficult, and you may not want to think more about the incident. However, by taking the time to call early, you can allow your family and home to start to heal.

Ask for Instructions

When you are on the phone booking an appointment with the professionals, ask if you should do anything to better preserve your documents. For example, if you touch damaged documents, the paper might crumble. The team may advise you to leave the documents exactly where they are, or you may receive instructions to handle them in a certain manner.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

In the event that an important document was seriously damaged, you may have high hopes that it will be restored. Keep in mind that an evaluation of the situation is one of the first steps. If the documents have been completely burned in the fire, restoring them might prove impossible.

Create a List of Resources

Before a damaging event takes place, work to create a list of resources with which you can consult in the event that the documents are beyond repair. For example, you can find out what entity to contact if you lose your social security card or birth certificate in the fire

Fires provoke fear in many people. You likely have your own anxieties about fires. One of these fears may relate to the potential destruction of documents. Fortunately, you have options if you think your documents have been ruined; you can call to inquire about restoration.