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Caring for Your Business' HVAC System

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to come inspect your HVAC system; if any maintenance is needed, that same company can take care of it right away. You will want to have an inspection done every fall and again in spring, after the heavier use months during winter and summer. A professional will inspect and clean all of your unit’s wiring and mechanisms, which would be a bit challenging for anyone without the training or expertise. Using a professional ensures that the future of your business’ HVAC is bright!

As a business owner, there are several simple maintenance chores that you can do to prolong your system’s life and increase its efficiency between professional inspections and maintenance, such as:


  • Get a high-efficiency, pleated air filter for your system
  • Keep your heating units and AC free of pollen, leaves, and grass
  • Keep two feet of space clear around your outdoor AC and heating units
  • Inspect refrigerant lines every month
  • Replace air filters at least every 90 days
  • In the summer, turn off the water running to the furnace humidifier
  • In the fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn the water back on


  • Replace the carbon monoxide detector battery
  • Make sure your outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground
  • Clean AC condensation with a bleach and water mixture

Caring for your HVAC properly throughout the year will keep your work environment air quality and atmosphere pleasant, which keeps your staff happy and content. It will also save you money by improving and maintaining your energy efficiency throughout your building.

The team at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County is always ready to inspect and maintain your HVAC system, and we are here to answer any questions you might have. We are also experienced in large cleanup jobs such as those needed because of fire damage or water damage, and we are pros at mold remediation. Call us at (419) 621-7766, or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Fire Safety Tips for Every Homeowner

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

There are over 350,000 residential house fires in the U.S every year. These fires result in injuries, property damage, and death. We would like to share some tips with you today to help keep you, your family, and your property safe from fire.

Install good quality smoke alarms on or near the ceilings of your home, especially near bedrooms. Installing Carbon Monoxide alarms in the same areas is always a good idea. CO is an odorless and colorless gas produced by burning fuels.

Ensure that you have at least one multipurpose fire extinguisher readily accessible in your home. Show everyone where it is and how to use it.

Have your wood burning fireplace inspected annually in the fall before you use it during cold weather. Your HVAC unit should be looked over at this point as well. Employ a professional for these tasks.

Have an escape plan for your family, and make sure everyone understands it and can follow the plan in case of fire. Second story homes should have an escape ladder.

There are remote monitors available today to let you know if there is a fire in your home while you are away. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet easily and connected to your internet, and you will be notified by the app you download on your phone.

During home repair or remodelling, use fire-resistant building materials when available. For example, using a fire retardant brand of insulation can be a huge part of keeping your home fire safe.

Call the SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County team anytime for help with fire safety. We are always available to assist with home or commercial cleanup after fire and water damage. Our phone number is (419) 621-7766, and our website is: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Eric County

Preparing Your Home for Spring Showers

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

We think we can safely say that we are all happy to see signs of Spring showing everywhere. Who doesn’t like to enjoy flowers blooming and trees becoming green again? And it’s so pleasant to hear birds singing all around us.

But all the rain that these plants and creatures need is coming, too, and we need to be ready!

One important task that should be fulfilled before the rains start pouring down is the cleaning of rain gutters. During the winter, they can become clogged with dirt and debris from the roof and windy conditions, and if your home is under trees, leaves will definitely need to be removed. If rainwater cannot be drained away through the gutters, it will back up into the walls and attic of your home and cause significant water damage.

Make sure trees surrounding your home are trimmed properly to reduce damage to your property from falling branches when the winds pick up.

If you have any kind of drainage system in your yard or driveway, make sure these areas are free of obstructions so that rainwater can escape your property easily. Flooding can happen quickly and can create a much bigger problem than you might realize, even from a small Spring shower.

Have you taken a look at your exterior doors and windows? After a harsh winter, seals and weatherstripping may have deteriorated and may need to be replaced before a rainy season. Low-lying entryways that are not properly sealed can be a place that rainwater can creep in.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we stand ready to help with all water and fire damage issues and can come out to your property to help you assess your storm readiness. Call us today at (419) 621-7766, or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Three Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Closet

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is pesky. In humid areas of the world, it can be more than annoying; it can cause a lot of damage and some pretty serious health issues.

Mold spores are in the air all around us, all the time. They are cousins to mushrooms, and just like mushrooms, they like the dark and the damp. All that they need is the perfect environment, and within 24 - 48 hours, you could find a pretty significant colony growing in your home or business!

One of the darkest places in your house or workplace is the closet. It’s where we store precious items, and where we forget things! It can be easy to forget about the closet for months, and even years, and during that time in the dark lots of things can happen.

Here are some tips for keeping mold out of your closet without having to deep clean it every couple of months:

  • Make sure the closet has proper ventilation. If you have a larger walk-in closet, chances are you have a heating and cooling vent inside, but if the closet is older you will need to make sure that the door is not sealed tightly like an exterior door would need to be. And if lots of items are stored there, make sure they are stacked neatly or shelved for proper airflow.
  • Keep an eye open for any damp conditions inside your closet. If you see any water damage at all, get it taken care of immediately. You may need to contact a professional clean up company, and the team at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County is ready to help.
  • Purchasing a humidity monitor might be a good idea. Keeping the humidity levels at the levels prescribed by the EPA will go a long way to keeping your property safe from mold damage.

For help with mold remediation, or for cleanup services involving water or fire damages, call us here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County at (419) 621-7766 or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

What to Do If You Find Water Damage Under Your Sink

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Drip, drip, drip….no one likes to hear that sound coming from the wrong place. Sometimes it’s loud and obvious, and sometimes it’s not noticeable for a while. When you open up the cabinet under your sink, you can find a significant amount of damage from even the smallest leak if it has gone undetected for any length of time. Not a pleasant situation.

The first thing you will want to do is turn off the water source to that particular sink. The knob to do this is almost always under the sink itself.

The next step is to remove everything you have been storing under the sink so that you can see clearly to assess the damage. Using old clothes or heavy-duty sponges, remove excess water. It might be a good idea to sanitize the area with a bleach solution, and use a fan to blow air over the soaked boards or tile to dry the area out.

All damage material underneath your sink should be replaced so that you can be sure the area is fresh and sturdy. Storing items back under a sink on wood that is warped and weakened can create more trouble under your sink down the road. If the leak is coming from a source that you cannot fix, you might consider contacting a local plumber to help get it patched up quick.

You may see mold growth; it only takes 24 - 48 hours for mold to begin to grow in a damp area because the spores are always in the air around us just looking for a place to land! This particular issue will require the services of a company that has expertise in mold remediation.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we are standing ready to help you with any home or commercial cleanup after fire or water damage, and we know all about mold remediation! Call us at (419) 621-7766 or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Getting Your Restaurant Carpets Cleaned

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

As the owner of a restaurant, you have a long list of cleaning demands, and that nightly checklist must be followed to the letter in order to keep your business in tip-top shape and ready for the next business day. The kitchen floor, the utensils, and pots, the stoves and coffee makers; each item has to be thoroughly washed and sparkling clean each and every day. And then there’s the front of house and the bar area - bathrooms, host stand, and all those wine glasses, just to mention a few items! But it’s all in a day’s work, and you and your team know how to handle it.

Flooring in a busy restaurant can be a separate issue, however. Many eateries have hardwood floors, which have to be treated regularly to avoid damage from high heels, spills, and scratches from table and chair movement.

Perhaps, however, your establishment has carpeting. A nightly vacuum and spot cleaning will go a long way to keeping from potential mold growth and other sour-smelling possibilities, but the carpets will still need a regular deep cleaning due to all of the foot traffic. Spills on carpeting don’t come up quite as easily or as completely as those on a hardwood floor. We know you have spent a lot of thought and money on choosing just the right carpeting for your place of business, and a carpet in need of deep cleaning can look dull and worn, the colors no longer as bright and fresh, and that can reflect negatively on your guest’s experience.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we are experienced and equipped to handle the toughest carpet cleaning jobs of all. Our business is used to dealing with cleanups from fire and water damage in both homes and large commercial enterprises. Call us today at (419) 621-7766 to set up an appointment to look over your carpet cleaning needs. You can also visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County. We also handle mold remediation!

When to Replace Your Household Cleaning Supplies

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

We all use a wide variety of cleaning supplies every day, and as they wear out, they need to be replaced to avoid unpleasant odors and even damage to property. Some types of supplies, such as sink and bath cleaning products, disappear quickly, while others, like oven cleaners and furniture oils, can last a relatively long time. Replacing them in a timely manner will help keep your home and/or business cleaner, smelling fresh, and ensure that you are always well-stocked for any cleaning crisis.

The following products are some of the most important and most-used:

  • Sponges: This item is one of the most important supplies used in cleaning. They are employed for washing and scrubbing, both in kitchen and bath, as well as many other areas of the home or business. They are at the height of their efficiency until 15 to 20 days after purchase with regular daily use, and then they should be replaced - they can start to produce a very unpleasant odor if kept too long. Keeping your sponges very clean can help them last longer; washing them with hot water and squeezing dry after use, and using anti-germ solutions can keep them contaminant free and keep odor down longer.
  • Mops: These tools are extremely absorbent, and also need to be kept very clean between uses to prevent the growth of bacteria. Always allow your mop to dry completely before using again. Many mops have removable heads that can be machine-washed; this practice will help to prolong the life of the mop. Store your mop in a cool, dry space between uses.
  • Dish Rags:  These are usually made of cotton, microfiber, or other cloths and are used primarily for dishes. A best practice for these cleaning tools is to use them only for dishes. Using paper towels is a great aid in soaking up spills, etc. and will save your dishrag! Dishrags can be machine washed and reused, but if they get to the point where they smell even when they are clean, it’s time to replace them.
  • Dusters:  Clean your duster after every use, and store it in a dry area. When it begins to fall apart or deteriorate, it’s time to replace it.
  • Solutions: Some cleaning products have a “best if used by” date on the label; familiarize yourself with this information to avoid using anything on your property that could possibly be damaging after the manufacturer’s suggested date has passed. If there is no date listed, keep an eye out for any changes in the quality or scent of the product, and discard it if you question its safety.

For your larger home or commercial cleanup needs, such as those issues related to water or fire damage, or if you are dealing with mold issues, remember that the team at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County is always available to help. Just call us at: (419) 621-7766 or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

4 Tips to Deodorize Your Kitchen

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

In the kitchen, preparing, cooking, eating, and cleaning creates pleasant and unpleasant smells. Good or bad, no scent should linger in the kitchen. Eliminate smells instantly with odor removal tips courtesy of SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County.

Trash Removal

Deodorization begins with kitchen odor removal. Each day, empty the trash from the kitchen wastebasket and take it to the Sandusky city dump, or to the curb for weekly pickup. Kitchen bags keep the odor in one place, yet tied-up kitchen bags seal in nasty smells permanently. Then, grab a damp paper towel to wash away wetness, stains, and debris in the wastebasket and the walls and floors surrounding the wastebasket. Improve the wastebasket's scent by adding used fabric softener at the bottom to absorb odors.

Open Windows and Doors

After trash removal, keep the door open and open a window. Both components use outdoor air to capture bad odors and musty smells. After odor removal, clean and crisp air enters the home to take its place. Keep doors and windows open until no trace of odor exists. An alternative method to opening windows and doors is to turn on the exhaust fan above the cooktop. The fan will lure odors to the unit and eliminate it before the clean air seeps out.

Baking Soda

The inexpensive deodorization remover is popular in the refrigerator where most food odors originate. Instead of throwing baking soda away every month, pour expired baking soda down the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and utility sinks to eliminate smells. Pour baking soda down garbage disposals for cleaning, and turn on the water afterward. Mix baking soda with water to clean cutting boards, cookware, the microwave, and the dishwasher.


If you can't beat smelly odors, counter the smell with a pleasant one. The fresh, yet strong lemon scent is a welcome change from the previous one, yet it doesn't perpetually linger, hence why the scent is an odor removal machine. Grab a lemon and slice it into wedges. Place 2 wedges in the oven for an hour, turn it off, and open the oven door. Place a wedge down the garbage disposal. Use lemon water to clean dishes, the sink, the table, the countertop, the cooking range, the oven, the refrigerator, and the floor.

Kitchen deodorization is simple with these everyday household items. Maintain an odor-free kitchen by using these tips each day. Keep SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County contact information at the top of your list in case serious emergencies occur from cleaning, mold, or fires. You can call us at (419) 621-7766 or visit us at

Safety Tips for Seasonal Yard Work in Ohio

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Most homeowners spend a significant amount of time in the yard each month to maintain the landscaping and tidy up the yard. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can occur due to negligence or a lack of experience. If you want to protect yourself and others at your home, there are a few essential safety tips to follow when performing yard work in Sandusky, Ohio.

Read the Owner's Manual for Your Equipment

Not understanding how to work your yard equipment can result in an accident, making it necessary to read the owner's manual to understand the safety information. Check the extension cords that are used to look for cracks that may be present. Use electrical tape to cover the cracks and replace any cords that have frayed wires. You also want to avoid placing the extension cords on puddles that are present in the yard. Examining all of the equipment and wires is key to practice proper fire safety each time you perform yard work.

Protect Yourself

Using the right protective gear is essential to protect yourself from getting injured while performing yard work and practicing fire safety. Find long thick pants to wear to protect your legs from getting bruised or cut due to rocks that fly out of the lawnmower. Wearing a mask is also necessary if you're spraying chemicals on your residential property in Sandusky. The product should fit comfortably around the nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe well.

Covering your hands with heavy gloves is also necessary for outdoor projects to prevent cuts and scrapes from occurring on your skin.

Handle the Electricity with Caution

Practicing fire safety will require you to unplug any tools or equipment that are not in use to avoid a fire that can occur due to a lack of supervision. If you need to repair any of the equipment, always unplug it before working on the parts. If fire damage occurs, contact professionals like SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County to repair the damage and make the property safe to inhabit for the residents.

Avoid Physical Strain

Physical strain can occur if you lift items improperly and spend a significant amount of time in the yard on your property in Sandusky. Bend at the knees when lifting heavy tools, fallen trees, or machinery. Stretch your muscles and take breaks to allow your body to rest as you work in the space.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/ Erie County, damage restoration and cleaning is our specialty! If you are having issues with water damage, fire damage, mold growth or other restoration issues, you can contact us 24/7 at (419) 621-7766 or visit our website at

There's Never a Bad Time to Clean Your Carpets

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

If you have carpet in your home, it's important to have it cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, there is truly never a bad time to clean your carpets, especially if you use a professional service like SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County. If you are a Sandusky homeowner who has not had a professional carpet cleaning in a while, now is a great time to consider having it done for these reasons and more.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

First of all, in some cases, a professional carpet cleaning is essential so that you can prevent mold or mildew. For example, if your home has been flooded -- even if it was only "minor" flooding -- then it is a good idea to have a professional crew come in to remove the water from your carpet.

Also, if you are planning on cleaning your carpet yourself, you should know that mold can become an issue in some cases. Some do-it-yourself machines don't remove all of the water that is used when the carpet is cleaned, which can lead to mold and mildew. If you hire a professional, however, you should not have to worry about this issue.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Carpet can cling to unpleasant odors, which can make your entire home smell bad. Smoke odors, cooking odors and pet odors, for example, can all cause this problem. By having your carpet professionally cleaned, you can get rid of these odors and can make your home smell fresh and clean.

Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

One of the first things that people notice when they walk into your Sandusky home is your flooring. If your carpet looks dirty and stained, it's not going to give your home a very good look. Even if you think your carpet is permanently stained, you might be surprised by the results that a professional can get when cleaning your carpet.

Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Lastly, another good reason to have the carpet in your Sandusky home cleaned professionally is the fact that it can help it last longer. Buying new carpet for your home is expensive, so it's best to maintain the carpet that you have if possible. By taking good care of it by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you can help your carpet last for a long time and look better in the meantime.

As you can see, there is truly never a bad time to clean your carpet. Contact us today, and we can tell you more about our professional carpet cleaning services, or any of our damage restoration services! Call us at (419) 621-7766 or visit our website at