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Using a Dehumidifier in Your Home

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

High humidity can cause many health-related issues, and some can be very severe. Optimal humidity levels are between 30- 50%, with around 45% being the most desirable. Dehumidifiers help to maintain indoor humidity at these comfortable levels, keeping the air in your indoor spaces healthy. This can both save you money and help you avoid any number of health risks.

Here are 3 ways dehumidifiers can help you at home:


Mildew emits a strong scent, which can affect an entire home. If you leave your clothes in the washer too long when humidity is high, they can become "mildewy" and will need to be re-washed, which only add to your water and energy bills. Since mold and mildew thrive in warm, moist environments, dehumidifiers help keep them in check.


As your body temperature rises, your body releases sweat to help cool you off. When humidity is at an optimal level, your sweat evaporates into the air, leaving you cool and dry. However, air molecules that are already saturated with water have no room to absorb further water, which means you run around wet and sticky. Everyone knows how uncomfortable that can be! Bacteria is another organism that thrives in humid environments, and minor cuts and injuries are more susceptible to infection in such a situation. Some minor medical issues can also be made worse by humidity, such as acne and athlete's foot.


When air molecules are ladened with water, it makes them harder to heat or cool down. For example: a pan only half full of water will heat and cool more quickly and efficiently than a pan that is full, and the same is true of air molecules that are half filled with water, like when humidity levels are at 50% or above. A dehumidifier will help your HVAC system heat up and cool down your home faster and more efficiently by reducing the water in the air, which can significantly save you cooling and heating costs.

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Tips to Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

There’s no room in your house that is more prone to mold growth, and it is no wonder: most of the time, there is water everywhere in the bathroom! You need to practice preventive measures to ensure that your bath area doesn’t develop serious mold growth in one of the most-used rooms in your home.

Your bathroom has higher humidity levels than most of the other rooms in your house, of course, and surfaces can become moldy quickly if not kept dry. Once mold has established a hold on an area, it can come back even more quickly every time humidity rises.

Here are some tips to prevent mold from the start:

  • Use mold-resistant paints. Products of this type are readily available at your local hardware or home goods store. This is a great idea for your kitchen as well or for any other area that sustains a high level of humidity year round.
  • Call a professional. When doing any type of repair or renovation in the bathroom area, check with a professional to learn about products that contain mold-resistant ingredients, such as mold-resistant flooring and drywall.
  • Keep dry! Avoid leaving standing water in this area of the home, or in any other room for that matter. During floor cleaning, use less water than you might otherwise, and always dry off countertops after cleaning, paying special attention to cracks and crevasses.
  • Stay current on repairs and maintenance. Ensure that all window and door frames and weather stripping are in good condition prior to wetter and more humid weather.
  • Look for leaks. Keep an eye on the cabinets under the sinks and around the toilet for leaks from hoses and pipes leading to walls. Clean behind and underneath them well on a regular basis, and take a good look while you are completing this task.
  • Ventilation is essential. Ensure your bathroom area is well-ventilated; you can always use a dehumidifier if you feel it is necessary.

Keeping mold out of your bathroom will contribute to a pleasant overall experience in your bathing area; after all, this room might just be the busiest in the whole house!

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary to help you with any mold remediatIon. We are also available for cleanup when you have experienced fire and water damage. Call us today at (419) 621-7766, or visit our website:  SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Cleaning Mold Growth From Your Kitchen

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold in any kitchen looks bad and smells worse, but there are other reasons why it should be remediated as soon as possible: if the mold is “black mold”, that can be a serious health issue! Mold also eats away at wood flooring, and it can wreak havoc on wooden kitchen window frames. It makes sense to get rid of serious mold growth as soon as possible. Here are a few tips you might find useful:

  • Bleach and water. Before using this mixture, it’s important to put on gloves and goggles to protect your hands and face. Mix a cupful of bleach per every gallon of hot water in a non-metal container and use a funnel to pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray. Be sure to protect any furniture or other objects from damage by covering them with a tarp or newspaper before you begin to spray those places with mold infestation. Take care to keep windows and doors open to prevent inhaling fumes and run a fan if necessary.
  • Allow mixture to penetrate. It’s necessary to allow at least 5 minutes to elapse so that the water/bleach mixture can penetrate the mold. Then, using a brush with stiff bristles, scrub the area and remove the mold.
  • Clean the surface. Using cold water, rinse the surface and allow to dry. If the mold is not completely removed, you will have to repeat these steps until all traces of the mold are gone. If you still believe you have a problem after this, contact a professional to come and inspect the situation.
  • An ounce of prevention. It is always best to prevent mold infestations in the first place, which can be achieved by keeping the humidity down in your kitchen area. Use a dehumidifier or keep windows open during better weather, allowing wet air to escape. A water and vinegar solution is helpful as a daily cleaning agent to keep surfaces disinfected and to fight mold. Keep in mind that if mold starts to grow under your kitchen flooring, you should call a professional right away.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we are always available to help you with your mold remediation. We also handle large clean up jobs, such as those necessary after fire or water damage. Call us at (419) 621-7766, or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Three Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Closet

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is pesky. In humid areas of the world, it can be more than annoying; it can cause a lot of damage and some pretty serious health issues.

Mold spores are in the air all around us, all the time. They are cousins to mushrooms, and just like mushrooms, they like the dark and the damp. All that they need is the perfect environment, and within 24 - 48 hours, you could find a pretty significant colony growing in your home or business!

One of the darkest places in your house or workplace is the closet. It’s where we store precious items, and where we forget things! It can be easy to forget about the closet for months, and even years, and during that time in the dark lots of things can happen.

Here are some tips for keeping mold out of your closet without having to deep clean it every couple of months:

  • Make sure the closet has proper ventilation. If you have a larger walk-in closet, chances are you have a heating and cooling vent inside, but if the closet is older you will need to make sure that the door is not sealed tightly like an exterior door would need to be. And if lots of items are stored there, make sure they are stacked neatly or shelved for proper airflow.
  • Keep an eye open for any damp conditions inside your closet. If you see any water damage at all, get it taken care of immediately. You may need to contact a professional clean up company, and the team at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County is ready to help.
  • Purchasing a humidity monitor might be a good idea. Keeping the humidity levels at the levels prescribed by the EPA will go a long way to keeping your property safe from mold damage.

For help with mold remediation, or for cleanup services involving water or fire damages, call us here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County at (419) 621-7766 or visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County

Getting Your Restaurant Carpets Cleaned

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

As the owner of a restaurant, you have a long list of cleaning demands, and that nightly checklist must be followed to the letter in order to keep your business in tip-top shape and ready for the next business day. The kitchen floor, the utensils, and pots, the stoves and coffee makers; each item has to be thoroughly washed and sparkling clean each and every day. And then there’s the front of house and the bar area - bathrooms, host stand, and all those wine glasses, just to mention a few items! But it’s all in a day’s work, and you and your team know how to handle it.

Flooring in a busy restaurant can be a separate issue, however. Many eateries have hardwood floors, which have to be treated regularly to avoid damage from high heels, spills, and scratches from table and chair movement.

Perhaps, however, your establishment has carpeting. A nightly vacuum and spot cleaning will go a long way to keeping from potential mold growth and other sour-smelling possibilities, but the carpets will still need a regular deep cleaning due to all of the foot traffic. Spills on carpeting don’t come up quite as easily or as completely as those on a hardwood floor. We know you have spent a lot of thought and money on choosing just the right carpeting for your place of business, and a carpet in need of deep cleaning can look dull and worn, the colors no longer as bright and fresh, and that can reflect negatively on your guest’s experience.

Here at SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County, we are experienced and equipped to handle the toughest carpet cleaning jobs of all. Our business is used to dealing with cleanups from fire and water damage in both homes and large commercial enterprises. Call us today at (419) 621-7766 to set up an appointment to look over your carpet cleaning needs. You can also visit our website: SERVPRO of East Ottawa/Erie County. We also handle mold remediation!

What to Do if You Find Mold in Your Home

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let mold rule your home! We can take care of any size problem!

Mold infestation is a nightmare as a homeowner. Apart from giving off an unpleasant odor, the fungus will damage your property and pose serious health hazards. This is why the problem should be checked and corrected before it becomes worse. Here is what you can do once you find this growth in your home.

Eliminate moisture

If you are looking to eliminate the growth in your home, you will need to understand the conditions under which the fungus grows. Mold will flourish in warm and humid areas. That is why remediation involves eliminating moisture in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. While an air conditioner will help to keep the air in your home cool and dry, a dehumidifier will reduce humidity and help to eliminate the fungus.

Cut out large infestations

As soon as you notice mold growth in your home, take the necessary measures to limit its opportunities to spread. Inspect most of the unseen areas in your homes to prevent it from spreading to your carpet and drywall. This will go a long way in helping to prevent the problem from becoming worse and protecting your property from damage.

Use cleaning solutions

There are several natural cleaning solutions that you can use to deal with this fungus in your home. Some of the affordable options you should consider using include baking soda, ammonia, borax, vinegar, and bleach. While using these products, you must ensure that they are in the right quantities and are applied correctly.

Read about the mold removal process

Since it may be difficult to know what to do once you find the fungus in your space, you will need to familiarize yourself with the removal process. By being aware of what the process entails, you will be in a better position to prepare for remediation.

Hire professionals

If you have difficulty dealing with the problem, you should hire professionals. However, it will be important to do your homework so that you settle on a reputable company. Experts from SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County not only have the necessary expertise but will also use effective techniques to help you eliminate the fungus.

Surprising Places You May Find Mold

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Do you know where mold may be hiding in your home?

If you've ever dealt with mold in the house, you likely know how unsettling it is. Regardless of your experience with mold, you may think that it lurks only in certain places. However, mold of different types, including the dangerous black mold, can surprise you.

Coffee Machine

Every morning, you might pour water into your coffee machine as you eagerly await that cup of energy. While the water does find its way into the coffee cup, that doesn't mean the entire inside of the machine is dry. Mold can grow there, and this mold can enter into your morning beverage.

Kiddie Pool

During the summer months, the kids may love to take the hose and fill up the plastic pool in the backyard. The water keeps them refreshed and entertained for a significant period of time. However, you might skip over drying off the pool and find yourself in need of mold remediation services to combat it.

Bathroom Cabinets

Plenty of people have seen mold coming to life in the corners of their bathrooms, but the cabinets can also act as major spots for this existence. The mold may start to grow on or inside of the cabinets, requiring a call to SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County.


Reaching inside of the fridge and grabbing some old food that has become covered in mold is an unpleasant experience. As much as you wipe down the fridge, you might have accidentally dropped some crumbs or pieces of food in the back of it at one point. Unless you are reaching back into the depths of the fridge on a regular basis, these crevices may have become dwellings for mold.

Water Bottles

Grabbing your water bottle before heading to work or school is a way to make sure you are hydrated, but you probably don't get every last drop of water out of it. Ensuring that the bottle is properly cleaned before your next usage is one way to make certain that you are not ingesting mold in a bid for proper hydration.

Mold can lurk in many places inside and outside of your home. Working with the professionals is a smart way to determine if you have mold living on your property and to figure out where that mold is coming from. By treating the source, SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County can help to ensure that the mold is away from you for good.

Summertime Mold Remediation Service

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

summer lemon, mold

The summer months are a great time for relaxation, taking it easy and making the most out of the beautiful weather and mild temperatures outdoors. They're also, however, a common time for mold development. Moisture in the air can encourage the emergence of this undesirable substance. The same goes for warm weather in general. People who are allergic to this fungus tend to suffer more in June, July, and August as well. If you have this fungus anywhere on your property, you need to take control of it as soon as possible. Don't delay the process. Doing so can have poor effects on your health and happiness.

Pay attention to any signs that may denote the development of this unpleasant substance on your property. You may notice an awful musty and stuffy odor that's hard to shake. You may observe sections of tiny dark specks. Don't assume that the substance is always dark or black, either. It can sometimes appear white, greenish-gray or brownish-gray. If it's hiding in the back of your vinyl wallpaper, it may even look somewhat purple, orange or pink, oddly enough.

Water issues can often denote the presence of this unwelcome substance on your property. Excessive moisture woes are usually a warning signal. Be on the lookout for ceiling, floor and wall discoloration and stains. Focus on your wallpaper, too. If you notice any hints of cracking or peeling whatsoever, don't ignore them. Don't ignore bowed walls. Don't dismiss walls that have strangely moist surfaces, either.

This notorious substance can harm your health. If you have watery eyes, congestion or respiratory issues, contact your doctor regarding the matter as soon as possible. A big toxic mold problem in your building could be the culprit that's making your daily life so difficult.

If you have any reason to think you have a problem with this substance on your property, you need to take action as soon as possible. SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County is an established local firm that can offer you the in-depth mold remediation service you deserve and need. Our trained staff members are technicians who have substantial experience with the remediation process. It doesn't matter if your problem is big, small or anywhere in the middle. Our professionals can offer you summertime remediation assistance that can get you on track to health and happiness. Call SERVPRO as soon as possible to make an appointment.

How To Prevent Mold

11/8/2016 (Permalink)

You had a house flood and thought you did a pretty good clean up job (pat yourself on the back), until one day you notice a little something over in the corner under the carpet slowly creeping up the wall.  Panic sets in and you start pacing thinking to yourself, “How did this happen. What could I have done to prevent this?”  Well we have the answers and some simple tips to help you prevent mold.

  • Identify problem areas in your home and correct them. You can't mold-proof your home, but you can make it mold-resistant.  Check your house for areas of concern and face them head on.  It might cost money up front but it will save you money down the road.  Pull up that carpet and install mold proofing products, find that water leak and fix it so it doesn’t creep inside the house, or repair that broken rain gutter.
  • Dry wet areas immediately. Mold can't grow without moisture, so tackle wet areas right away.  Even spills should be cleaned up ASAP.  The key is the small daily task that makes the difference. Be sure to dry the floor and walls after a shower. Don't leave wet clothes in the washing machine, where mold can spread quickly. Get them in the dryer and make sure to leave the door open and let your washer dryer out
  • Prevent moisture with proper ventilation. It may be that your routine activities are encouraging the growth of mold in your home. Make sure an activity as simple as cooking dinner, taking a shower, or doing a load of laundry doesn't invite mold by providing proper ventilation in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and any other high-moisture area. Your energy-efficient home may be holding moisture inside, so open a window when cooking or washing dishes or showering, or run an exhaust fan.
  • Equip your home with mold-resistant products. Building a new home or renovating an old one? Use mold-resistant products like mold-resistant drywall or mold-resistant Sheetrock, and mold inhibitors for paints. This is especially import in moisture prone areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Monitor humidity indoors. The EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent. You can measure humidity with a moisture meter purchased from a hardware store or online. You'll also be able to detect high humidity by simply paying attention to problem areas in your home. Signs of excessive humidity include condensation on windows, pipes, and walls. If you notice condensation, dry the surface immediately and address the source of the moisture
  • Direct water away from your home. If the ground around your home isn't sufficiently sloped away from the foundation, water may collect there and seep into your crawlspace or basement.
  • Clean or repair roof gutters. A mold problem might be a simple matter of a roof that is leaking because of full or damaged gutters. Have your roof gutters cleaned regularly and inspected for damage. Repair them as necessary, and keep an eye out for water stains after storms that may indicate a leak.
  • Improve air flow in your home. According to the EPA, as temperatures drop, the air is able to hold less moisture. Without good air flow in your home, that extra moisture may appear on your walls, windows and floors. To increase circulation, open doors between rooms, move furniture away from walls, and open doors to closets that may be colder than the rooms they’re in. Let fresh air in to reduce moisture and keep mold at bay.

SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County proudly serves you and specializes in fire, smoke, mold, water and biohazard damage to both commercial and residential properties. Capable of handling any size loss and working with all types of insurance providers, SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We cover areas like Sandusky, Castalia, Port Clinton, Huron, Oak Harbor, Vermillion, Catawba Milan, Marblehead, and even Put-In-Bay! For more information visit us at or call us at 419-621-7766.

Signs of Mold Growth

4/21/2016 (Permalink)

Mold can be disgusting to look at and can cause health effects.  So we will try to help you by covering some of the signs of mold growing inside your home.

One sign of mold is smell. A lot of times this is the first thing someone will notice. If you consistently smell something (typically a musty odor) in the same area, you may have some mold growth there.....even if you don't see it!

Obviously if you see mold growth you know you have it. For instance, if you are in the shower or the tub and you spot something that black, green, gray, slimy, powdery, etc.  Unfortunately, not all molds are as easy to detect as it is in the shower, damp places like a cellar or basement could very easily be home to mold as well.

It is also important to know your home’s history. If you had any water damage or leaking that wasn’t professionally taken care there could be a problem. Knowing how old you home is would be helpful. Do you live in a particularly humid area? Knowing these things could help you identify if mold has a possibility of being present.

If you do happen to stumble across mold, or if you don’t, but have a hunch that it’s there, please do not hesitate to give SERVPRO a call. If left untreated mold can continue to cause more damage to your home and can cause health effects. Instead, contact us. We are I.I.C.R.C. certified and ready to help.

SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County proudly serves you and specializes in fire, smoke, mold, flooded basements, water and biohazard damage to both commercial and residential properties. Capable of handling any size loss and working with all types of insurance providers, SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We cover areas like Sandusky, Castalia, Port Clinton, Huron, Oak Harbor, Vermillion, Catawba Milan, Marblehead, and even Put-In-Bay! For more information visit us at or call us at 419-621-7766.

The Mold Removal Process

4/14/2016 (Permalink)

The key to mold control is moisture control. Mold spores won’t grow if moisture isn’t present, so if there is a moisture problem in your home or office, you must fix the water issue or the mold will return.

Mold remediation is the process of cleanup and removal of mold from an indoor environment. First thing to do is determine if mold is present, where is it growing and how much remediation is needed. The assessment often involves moving furniture, lifting or removing carpets, checking behind wallpaper and in bad cases even opening up walls.

Sometimes, when occupants of the home or business are experiencing symptoms of illness, sampling of the mold spores may be performed to answer further questions. SERVPRO does air testing that can let us know how extensive the mold is and how much of it is in the air.

Never clean the mold with bleach since it is a water based chemical you will hide the presence but ultimately feed the mold. It is important to wear a respirator and protective clothing if trying to clean mold yourself. Better yet, playing it safe and calling SERVPRO will ensure the clean-up gets done right the first time. SERVPRO uses any number of high-tech mold removal methods and equipment in the remediation process, including:

  • Moisture meter
  • Humidity gauge
  • HEPA filtered vacuum
  • Borescope (to view potential mold problems inside walls without damaging them)
  • Themographic camera

…and more.

To learn more about mold remediation, call us! If you suspect that mold is affecting the health of those in your home or office space, please don’t wait—mold problems should be addressed within 24 to 48 hours.

Sources: Department of Health and Human Services of North Carolina; Centers for Disease Control; Environmental Protection Agency; and Trask Research, Inc. (a bio-chemistry company that develops mold testing and cleaning solutions).

SERVPRO of East Ottawa / Erie County proudly serves you and specializes in fire, smoke, mold, flooded basements, water and biohazard damage to both commercial and residential properties. Capable of handling any size loss and working with all types of insurance providers, SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. For more information visit us at or call us at 419-621-7766.